Gafcon Australia is part of a worldwide movement of Anglicans promoting reform of the Anglican church by the biblical gospel, and providing fellowship for those committed to it.

Our Aims

  1. To promote a positive and vibrant orthodoxy within our denomination in line with the Jerusalem Declaration and the Fundamental Declarations and Ruling Principles of the Constitution of the Anglican Church of Australia.We will do this through conferences, discussion papers, seminars, hosting international guests, through our website and social media.
  2. To provide recognition, fellowship and assistance to those who have disaffiliated from their diocese because of the unorthodox actions of others.We will recognise those who confess the Jerusalem Declaration as authentically Anglican, putting us in fellowship with many Anglicans who are currently out of communion with official “instruments of communion”. We will stand in support of churches and individuals who take a stand against false teaching and error in their diocese.

Gafcon Australia was initially launched as FCA Australia on Thursday 26th March, 2015. The name was changed to Gafcon Australia at the 2018 AGM.